Mayank Kumar

Summer in Bhyundar Valley

Sometimes our heart pushes us to do something simply because it is supposed to be done. A crazy travelogue of my journey to the Bhyundar Valley.

GSoC Wrap-up

Its been long since I have blogged about my GSoC progress. I had been performing changes and nits for my patches so that they could land soon. I’m summarizing about some of my patches. You can check my code by visiting the Bug links.

GSoC Progress Report

The last week was dedicated mostly for making changes and landing the earlier bugs so that I can proceed with other patches already waiting to be fixed.

Implementing Entitiy Discovery - Part 2

Finally entity capability implementation for XMPP is complete and is ready for review cycles. We have added the video discovery capability.

Implementing Entitiy Discovery - Part 1

Entity Discovery helps you figure out the device supported at both the ends of the conversation even before the service has been called for action so that the user knows about the capability of the service.

GSoC Report - Reaching the Midterm

Proceeding further the next priority task was to first add a “call disconnect” support to the video call and then it was to remove the auto connecting calls and instead send the notification to the callee whether to Accept/Reject the call.

and...First XMPP Video Call Was Made

Until last week there used to be a harcoded offer and we converted this offer to XML Stanza and then retrieve it back. Moving forward we added the WebRTC methods in the conversation.xml binding which would generate the SDP offer in the DOMWindow.

GSoC Report - Understanding the XEPs and RFCs Maze

To send a message from one client to the other we need a signaling channel which provides a path for data transfer over the network. While working with WebRTC PeerConnection API for a web app no one worries about the channel since the SDP (Session Description Protocol) “offer” and “answer” is sent over a plaintext channel.

GSoC Report - Week 1

In the first week I made progress with the Bug 975542 to add image capturing support to set user icon and it is in its final stage. I have mentioned the details about the bug in the last post.

Community Bonding Report

After being selected I had one fundamental task for the community bonding period, to become familiar with the Instantbird codebase as much as possible.